If you would like your painted pieces to appear here, please send them to me at:

Linda Phelps 2014 Convention web site Convention 004 (7)Linda Phelps

ann clawsonAnn Clawson

Betty-Anne Binstead for Canadian Convention 2014 010Betty-Ann Binstead

Susan Greathouse for Canadian Convention 2014 003Susan Greathouse

Elyette CurvalleElyette Curvalle

IMG_3988Ghada Saad

IMG_6496          Elyette Curvalle


Atelier de Bercy

christina finlayChristina Finlay

IMG_6530Atelier de Bercy (Sol Labos Brien)

IMG_4157Fanny Knafou

IMG_4158Fanny Knafou

IMG_4162Elyette Curvale

irene horsley1

Irene Horsley










IMG_4436Sol Labos Brien (Atelier de Bercy)

violetViolet Temple

valeska4 Valeska

susan greathouseSusan Greathouse

IMG_4564Sol Labos Brien

suzanne coutuSuzanne Coutu

IMG_4603Julie Reydellet

IMG_4602Sarah Pomerleau

lornaLorna Maclaren


IMG_4596Julie Reydellet


IMG_4409Aleyne Harris

IMG_4319Aleyne Harris

Linda Phelps 2014 Convention web site Convention 004 (3)Linda Phelps

ann clawson2Ann Clawson

IMG_4318Sarah PomerleauIMG_2883Nour Houda

IMG_3011Martin Larivière

IMG_3010Martin Larivière

IMG_5108 2Sol Labos Brien (Atelier de Bercy)

IMG_4581Julie Reydellet (Mme Butterfly)

IMG_4579Julie Reydellet (Mme Butterfly)


We will continue to list pictures of our Canadian painters as we receive them